"Mr. Readings' critical eye and his technical ability enable his creative use of photography artistry to create unusually insightful work. His enthusiasm and energy are worth harnessing for your family or public occasions so that you have a valuable record of your life and times. Commission Tom Readings and you will have a valuable heirloom!"

Paul Winner MA (Oxon) JP, FRSA
"I was lucky enough to stumble upon Tom Readings and his longboard during a trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Tom is a creative and adventerous genius who turned out to be one of the most talented photographers I have had the opportunity to work with. His free spirit is perfectly portrayed in each shot he takes, turning his photography into the perfect capture of special moments. Tom, the time freezer."

Giovanna Ferriani
I had the honour of working with Tom for about two weeks; this man has pure talent. The work he produces with a camera is genius.

Derrick Sharma.
Toronto, Canada.
"Tom Readings is a magician with a camera. Great fun to work with, Tom's enthusiasm to get onboard with my own concepts, and turn them into a reality, was nothing short of inspiring! Tom injects his own vision into the process with flair and is also an attentive listener. Tom leaves no stones unturned in the finishing process, working scrupulously hard to polish the final photos. Photos for him are a work of art. He is the artist and his own personal qualities of generosity with his time and ideas, hard-work and dedication to the job, as well as his abundance of natural artistic talent, made the pictures we "painted" together all the more rewarding for this customer!"

Peter Morrell
London, UK
My sister first came across Tom’s images whilst helping me research for event photographers. I was immediately drawn towards the delightfully vivid and bold nature of the photos; It is almost as if you are there in the picture, with the subject right front of you! I’m glad I chose Tom to take my photos. He is very courteous, and a super friendly person and he is also immaculately methodical in his approach to photography.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some beautiful and high-quality images.  

Tanya Ali
NHS Clinician
Reading, UK
"I met Tom Readings in a lounge bar, by the beach in Spain. Unplanned occasions always turn out to be the best things in life. We planned a shoot the next day and the occasion was amazing, it felt like meeting a long time friend who brought his camera along and the photos turned out beautifully. Looking at the editing it becomes clear how much experience Tom has collected over the years. The fact that he's been travelling to many countries for shoots are visible in the photographic style that he captures in each picture."

Sara Elissa
"My husband and I chose Mr. Readings as our wedding photographer because I had seen his pictures on social media. What caught my eye was the way in which he can really capture a moment, whether it is an exciting, active instant, or a calm, deliberate minute. Tom's artistic ability is not wanting, and the photos he took of our big day are simply superb. I highly recommend Tom, as I think he is a highly talented young man, who is able to turn any situation in to a beautiful work of art. Check out his portfolio and see what he can do for you!"

Mrs. G. Baron